Pomodoro Timer

Use our Pomodoro Timer to stay focused on your task or activity for 25 minutes and achieve your desired goals.

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What is Pomodoro Timer?

Pomodoro Timer is a productive and useful tool that helps you to be focused on any task. Such as exam preparation, article writing, coding, preparing presentations, and many more...

"Pomodoro" is an Italian word for "Tomato". This technique is introduced by "Francesco Cirillo" in the late 1980s. It's a time management method that makes humans more productive at work or study.

Firstly, make the task list, forget about everything and concentrate on each task for 25 minutes. That's the golden key to success. Try it out and see the results.

Pomodoro Timer

How to use Pomodoro Timer?

You don't have to do anything. The timer is already set to 25 minutes. Just press the "Start" button and start working on your task.

It will give you a sound alert when 25 minutes over.

Now take a short break for 5 minutes and repeat the same process. After three or four Pomodoro you can take a long break for 15 minutes.