Online Stopwatch

Use our quick and easy-to-use Online Stopwatch to count the time in milliseconds. Also, it gives a lap or split feature.

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    What is Online Stopwatch?

    Online Stopwatch is a free web application that helps to measure time in hours, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds. Also, gives you the ability to create as many time laps as you want. So, you can decide who has done the task at what time.

    Online Stopwatch

    How to use Stopwatch?

    Just follow the instructions below:

    1. To initiate the Stopwatch, just press the "Start" button.
    2. You can pause and resume it using the "Pause" and "Continue" buttons.
    3. In addition, you can use the "Lap" button to save or keep a record of the time intervals.
    4. The "Reset" button will stop and reset everything.